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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein- is false.

Many problems in life have ever changing variables and are not always math equations. Sometimes the same thing in a different moment IS the correct answer.

Or maybe I’m just insane.

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I believe in Love and Power

Ain’t Love Grand

Love is really all around us. But, what is love? Does love really exist in the sense we believe it to be? Is love really just a selfish concept? It affects how we feel as individuals and when love leaves us we are hurt even broken however the love that left doesn’t feel the same pain. That is why it left.

When we have love for an individual is it about them or how we feel because of them? We feel good when they are around, when they are happy because that makes us happy so then is that not self serving? So is it not selfish to do things because in some way they make us feel better? Can we do something that makes us sad to make another person happy? Perhaps, the unconditional love of a child. Humans and animals can have a form of unconditional love but in a sexual relationship between a man and a woman can that unconditional love truley exist? Maybe we should have different words for love.

Perhaps love is power over another. When you love someone they have the ability to control your actions. Control how you feel, think and act. Control is power. Being in love with someone is giving them the strings to the marionette we have willfully become.

When that power is conceded we will do anything to be in control. It is a false control because you are never in control once you have given up power. We still strive to feel in control and that can have destructive consequences. Someone is always chasing the other. At times this power can switch and switch back and back again and then we find ourselves in a dance. A tango where we get wrapped up and tango on. Unhealthy yet we continue the dance. Some wildly, some subtly but sooner or later we all dance.

I believe in love. I have to belive in love. And I ruin everything because I don’t know how to handle love… it is just too powerful

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